Morning After with a Difference.

Sometimes you wake up in the morning after a great milonga feeling good and you remember all the wonderful dances you had.

I woke up after the milonga with that good feeling, thought that it had been one of my best nights ever. But how could this be when I had not danced at all due to injury?
Because I relaxed completely, released from the pressure of being alert and seeking dances, from wondering whether a look was ‘el cabeceo’ or not. And because my attention moved to the music.

DJ Michael opened his world to me and I watched, in wonderment Paras, as he led you all and you responded. I had a clear view of the floor and saw the evidence of all the week’s workshops. I knew in advance which song would be playing next and watched carefully for your responses.

Then afterwards with wine and chocolate I listened to your views on the milonga which I could match back to what I had watched and that made the evening complete. Such a valuable experience.

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